Save Time

Save valuable time by nearly eliminating all training prep-time. 

Our resources include clear instructions, scripts and tips allowing you to jump right into the training.

Engaging and Activating

Each training system was created to activate the participants.  The exercises engage them as part of the learning process by creating a learning experience.

Cost Effective

High quality design to impress even the largest corporations but priced to fit the budget of any Mom-and-Pop company.  No heavy up front investment needed, just the materials you want to make the change you need.

Welcome to Launchable Leadership

Develop yourself, your team and others with training materials that excite, engage and empower your audience.

Resources designed for leaders, managers, team leads, office managers, trainers, coaches and any one looking to grow their team.

Meet Jason Hedge

I love seeing transformation happen.

With over 20 years in management and human resources, I’ve become passionate about seeing healthy, proficient, effective leaders manage their teams well.

When this happens, the team thrives, the leaders gets the recognition they deserve and the company prospers.

Every training I lead and training system I create is aimed at enabling the participants to experience the material and with that pick up a new tool and attitude to help them succeed.

Easy to use Turnkey Resources.

Quickly achieve ROI with training kits that give you what you need to engage your audience and deliver stellar results.

Turnkey results
Fast ROI
Brilliant Training solution
Increase Performance
Engage your TEam

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