Training Material

Workshop training kits, facilitator books, participant workbooks, books and assessments can all be found here.  Each one was created to help you help others.  Clear instructions for actionable steps to create an meaningful impact with lasting change.

The various types of resources include:

Training Kits

The necessary combination of materials for you and your participants to quickly start an interactive and engaging training workshop.  They include:

  • Facilitator training book with scripts, tips, outlines, schedules and more
  • Online resources including slide decks for PowerPoint and Keynote
  • Participant workbooks to engage your audience and provide one place for all of their material
  • Email assistance to help you through any snags you encounter

Facilitator Training Books

Facilitator training books include:

  • Training scripts
  • Workshop tips
  • Outlines
  • Training schedules
  • Online access to PowerPoint and Keynote slide decks

Participant Workbooks

Participant workbooks include:

  • Interactive components
  • Opportunity to read, write and share the learning
  • Professionally produced and bound resources
  • One location for all exercises

Online Assessments

Online assessments include PDF results with:

  • Clearly defined results
  • Definitions and explanations
  • Articulated results
  • Actionable steps to bring improvement